September 23, 2008

groovy water

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

I am as old-as-dirt (61 now) so I am fully qualified to use words like "groovy", "cool", and "far-out"...

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Ivar Østtun said...

Once again, BEAUTIFUL :-)

Adventure girl said...

Always amazing!

Tomate Farcie said...

trippy! ;)

And just a heads-up, tomorrow I'm going to say "awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!"

chrome3d said...

I´m 37 and when I watch your pics I want to use all those words too: groovy, far-out, trippy, mindblowing etc. I just wonder if you made the leafs to cause those ripples or were those leafs there waiting for you?

Tash said...

so tranquil but with so much movement. & soothing colors. just lovely.

Fish Whisperer said...

Wonderful and the calf milking is really supurb.

Richard Lawry said...

Right On! Your photo is far out. It's also groovy and cool

Louise said...

I would call it "ridged." =)

I love it!

KML said...

Groovy is the perfect word for it. I is really cool!!

abb said...

That is just amazing! Nature's patterns are always just the best.

The Egel Nest said...

That photo is incredible!

Came over from David's blog :)

The Egel Nest

Müge Tekil said...

Dear Donald,

I'm 37 years old and you can be 100% sure that you're much younger than me in your heart!

A bit optimism please! :-)

Best regards,


Kerri Farley said...

That's not old -- havne't you heard 60 is now the new 40...your just middle aged :)

LOVE this shot! Groovy ripples!!

Arija said...

You are so right, and since i'm even older I understand them as well, and that water certainly is. Looks like a floodlit sheet of corrugated iron or an old glass washboard! Great shot.

Catherine said...

As a foreigner reader, I don't put a time on words! You can use them all, those which sounds modern, in, or those which sounds 'old time words', I don't feel the difference. I take them for what they mean. Your Profile-center of interests makes you so younger, as well as your posts, your eyes on world.
This picture is very artistic. Once again you're an illusionist, at the first sight, I saw it was a kind of palm tree.
Or maybe, I need glasses ? I wouldn't be so young as I thought I am ?

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