April 08, 2008

original or crispy

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photo by Donald Kinney

Sunday morning I somehow ended up in San Francisco, and when I spotted a vacant parking spot near the corner of Taylor and Pacific I grabbed it and walked down the steep hill to Chinatown.   I managed to snag this photo, and I think I'll eventually crop it into a square, but I thought it was kind of interesting. --Looks like Colonel Saunders isn't the only one who offers both original recipe and crispy...

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henri Banks said...

Hey Donald its me Henri,Want to ask you something .I heard the olimpic Fire is comming to your town are you there for making pictures ? that would be Great,i think a lot of people are against it and you are going to be able to make great and interesting shot ;-)
Let me know!!
i have also a group by Ipernity called Free Tibet
check it out
See you Bye

AphotoAday said...

Hi Henri,

Yes, as your intrepid reporter, I'll be there with "bells on" tomorrow... I just looked at the route, and if I get there early enough I can probably even find a free place to park all day, but I'll end up walking quite a distance to where the route ends (and where the the protests begin).

The "officials" are very concerned about the protesters -- they even announced air-space restrictions over the route for aircraft other than the "police".

I wouldn't be surprised if the cops are itching to crack a few skulls if the demonstrations get even the slightest bit out of hand.   I'd rather not come home with pictures of bloody protesters, but it is entirely possible...

Yesterday (Monday) some brave (and extremely wreckless) protesters climbed some of the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge and spread their banners.   One of them got tangled and stuck in the banner and bridge workers had to go up and cut him down.   I think the penalty for doing that is six months in jail and a fine, so you've got to know that the protesters are really serious...

See you over at Web-Pix, Henri...

Don and Kitty

henri Banks said...

looks like the police is realy hard over there !!the best thing you can do is shooting with a tele its safer ;-)
Surprice us with your "olimpic Fire Report"
Greetings from Europe

Tomate Farcie said...

Yeah, Don, be careful. The Police are going to expect the worse after the demonstrations in Paris, 2 days ago, and we all know that revved up cops + revved up demonstrators never make for a good combination, so watch out.

The Chronicle said today there were 500 protestors already at the UN Plaza, today, a day early.

Texas Travelers said...

Protest aside, I bet those chickens are better than Col. Sanders.


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