April 07, 2008

gates and spire - Marin Civic Center

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Although there were trials and tribulations along the way, Frank Lloyd Wright had a long and successful career as an architect, but by the '50's when he designed the fabulous Marin County Civic Center I'm pretty sure his staff did most of the actual design work for the nuts-and-bolts of the structure.   But I'm sure F.L.W. oversaw the really important design details.   My only question is; "what in the heck were those architects smoking?"...

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Texas Travelers said...

Martha and I both like architecture, but we never seem to shoot that much.

I like to visit your site since I never know what to expect. I am always pleasantly surprised.

Great photos. I like the shot of the Marin County civic Center also.

Have a great week, Troy

photowannabe said...

I like that FLW could think outside the box. I guess people either love or hate his work. Its always interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

beautiful artwork. I hope soon to be back

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