July 27, 2008

cafe, Downtown China Camp

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Well, yes, there is a cafe in beautiful downtown China Camp, but don't arrive hungry because the odds are 365 to 2 that the place isn't going to be open...   And yes, it WILL be open this year on August 30 and 31 for China Camp Days, but even then they won't be serving food or beer -- however you WILL be able to buy a genuine China Camp tee-shirt.

China Çamp, located on the western shore or San Pablo Bay (the upper thumb of San Francisco Bay) is a Chinese shrimping village that was quite active 100+ years ago.   In those days racial discrimination was part of established law, and shrimp fishing, along with laundering clothes, was one of the few businesses a Chinaman was allowed to engage in.

Today China Çamp has been taken over by the California Park System, but there is still one permanent resident, Mr. Frank Quan, who continues to operate his shrimp boat occasionally.   Unfortunately, these days Mr. Quan doesn't net as many bay-shrimp as he used to.   Shrimp populations in San Pablo Bay depend on fresh-water releases from the Sacramento Delta, and the sad fact that there just isn't enough water for both the farmers of the Central Valley and San Pablo Bay, so the salinity of the bay has increased over recent years to the point where it is barely worth Mr. Quan's time and effort to try catching any shrimp.   Sigh...

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Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" likes the weathered signs! Great photo!

You may have noticed "Louis" got a little ahead of himself with the 'blue roof' photo. He accidentally double-posted for Saturday, skipped Sunday, and Monday went up a day early. Compounding the error is the fact that "Louis" posts on Paris rather than Pacific time. Oh well, people have accused "Louis" of being in his own universe, so why not his own time zone? :-)

Texas Travelers said...

We have made great advances in Technology (which I am for) but do very little in some cases to preserve the good things of the present and past.

Sigh.... is right.


'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Heh Don ,
We just arrived in another Chateau in France where the have WIFI , so I check yur blog here, what a miracle!!! I am so glad that I can visit some blogfriends..like you... Today I show some Pastery we saw in France... real small pieces of art!

I as readin your China Camp story with growing interest, Thank my friend welldone!

Bye Bonjour from JoAnn in France

photowannabe said...

We really are our own worst enemies sometimes.
Love the picture of a bygone era.

Laurie Keller said...

Hi Duckmeister! Thanks for checking out my Sky Watch Friday post. I always enjoy your site and wish I had a bite of those fresh cooked crabs!

Marvin said...

Definately a big sigh: For Mr. Quan and San Pablo Bay -- and because there's no beer.

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