July 03, 2008

madrone bark

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Just like a snake, madrone trees need to shed their outer layer of paper-thin bark this time of year so they are able to expand their girdth.

From Wikipedia:
It is a beautiful broadleaf evergreen tree, with rich orange-red bark that peels away on the mature wood, leaving a greenish, silvery appearance that has a satin sheen and smoothness. The exposed wood sometimes feels cool to the touch. In spring, it bears sprays of small bell-like flowers, and in autumn, red berries.

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Sean said...

Growing up we used to call those "refrigerator trees" because they were so cool during the summer you could "refrigerate" yourself by hugging them.

photowannabe said...

So picturesque. I love the peels. I think the Madrone and Manzanita are cousins. My Manzanita is doing the same thing but not so dramatically. I guess I will have to get the camera out later when the shadows are different and try some shots myself.

raf said...

Great Sky Watch photo you have there at the top. Nice post on the madrone too!

BouBou's said...

I had to do a search on this to verify - I knew these trees as Arbutus, and they turn out to be a variety of the same tree (arbutus menziesii). I first encountered these while living in Victoria, BC, and have loved them every since. So incredibly beautiful and unique!


Texas Travelers said...

Great photo as usual.

Madrone is one of my favorite trees, and this is a beautiful photo of the bark.

Thanks for sharing and making my day and thanks for the visit.


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