July 22, 2008

entrance in Chinatown, S.F.

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photo by Donald Kinney

I guess most cosmopolitan cities have their own Chinatowns, but I am especially fond of our own right here in San Francisco...   It's sort of like being-there, I guess, without having to pay the costly air-fare and endure all the hassles of international travel...

Sometimes I get lots of photos in Chinatown, and other times I get few.   Sometimes I get stared at, and other times I get ignored.   But it's a fair bet that I'll get yelled at and run-off if I try shooting into someone's business, but on Saturday the butcher at the little meat market on the corner of Stockton [or is it Powell?] and Broadway noticed me trying to snap him through the window unpacking some chicken feet.   He started waving at me -- I thought I was in big doo-doo...   I gave him my best I'm sorry expression, but he kept waving at me -- this time with one hand giving me the thumbs-up sign, and the other hand motioning furiously for me to come in.   Reluctantly, I entered his shop and started giving him my best apology -- knowing full-well that he probably understood about as much English as I do Mandarin Chinese.   I exited the shop as quickly as I had entered -- but down the street a bit I realized that he may have been giving me permission to photograph inside his shop.   Or heck -- maybe he was just as much of a camera-bug as I am.   I should have turned around and gone back -- and I certainly would have tipped him and/or slipped him a bribe.   Maybe I will stop in again next time I'm over there and see if he is still in the mood to have his picture taken...

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Marvin said...

At least you gave the butcher a story to tell about the crazy photographer who was taking pictures of the outside of his shop but was frightened away by chicken feet when invited inside.

photowannabe said...

I want to see the picture of chicken feet. You must go back Don...LOL. Be brave and put your roller skates on for a speedy retreat.

Tomate Farcie said...

I think he wanted to sell you some chicken feet!!

I keep hearing people tell me how good they are supposed to taste but I never have been able to try.

SF housewife said...

Hei,hei,very funny! Don't worry, the butcher just inviting you.

sunshineleneforlife said...

oh that's sad u missed a photo session inside his shop. i suggest u go back and take some photos the nxt time he waves a welcome at you and say "ni hao" when u come near him. :)

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