July 28, 2008

Academy of Art University, S.F.

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photo by Donald Kinney

If you've been in San Francisco in the past several years you undoubtedly have noticed a proliferation of Academy of Art buildings, here, there, and everywhere around the Çity.   I just did some checking, and to my amazement their system includes 30 buildings forming a loosely interconnected campus with over 12,000 students!   That number sounds staggering to me, but I guess a lot of youngsters want to be some kind of artist these days...

This world can never have too many fine artists, but I'm not sure where such a large number of commercial artists expect to find jobs...

[[[ quote ]]]
The Academy of Art University offers both on-campus (traditional instructor-led) and distance education (online) degree and Certificate programs in its fine arts programs.   These programs include Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts for undergraduate degrees, Master of Fine Arts and Master of Architecture for graduate degrees, and certificate programs for personal enrichment.   The academy offers degree and certificate programs in 13 majors: Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Computer Arts & New Media, Digital Arts & Communications, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Motion Pictures & Television and Photography.   Students can take classes in copywriting, fashion merchandising, interior design, new media, computer animation, sculpture, cinematography, industrial design, digital photography and car design.
[[[ end quote ]]]

If you would like to read more about San Francisco's Academy of Art University, including their rather ruthless plans to evict tenants from their new acquisition -- the San Francisco Flower Mart, check out the article on Wikipedia.

AAU's website is impressive and extensive...   Read all about what they offer at:

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Sparkle Plenty said...

Hi, Donald (and hello to Kitty)! I've finally gotten my mini-tribute up to you in my sidebar. All of your Web sites are looking amazing and I'm so excited that you're about to start selling prints! My tribute is pretty simple but heartfelt, and I hope that anyone who drops by my blog will scoot over to your blogs and web sites to see your amazing photos. (HA! I really love today's Daily Duo.) Cheers, Sparkle

Choosy Mothers Choose Jeff said...

I just scooted over from the afore mentioned mini-trib given by the Almighty Sparkle.
I also just perused your many photos and thoroughly enjoyed then one and all.
You have both a great eye and picture taking talent.

Tomate Farcie said...

"Proliferation" is a good word for the Academy of Art U. They're absolutely everywhere in San Francisco. Some of my buddies are complaining that entire apartment buildings are being invaded by AAU kids who like to party until really late, wait ... make that really early in the morning.

Love the mini-stories, by the way !

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