July 05, 2008


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photo by Donald Kinney

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Kerri said...

WOW! This is fabulous!!!

photowannabe said...

Great shot Don. My little cybershot just can't capture the fireworks so appreciate those who can.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Glorious. I remember passing firework display after firework display as I headed through the midwest, on a train that was chugging its way back east from Oakland, CA. The memory always makes me happy, as does this photo!

BouBou's said...

So beautiful! I love fireworks shots - probably because, like photowannabe, I haven't been able to capture them myself. :-D


SandyCarlson said...

Well done!

Tomate Farcie said...

WOW!!! Well done!!! (both shots!) Absolutely fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

A very very good shot both technically and esthetically!

I have a present for you on my blog :-)


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