December 16, 2009

Webb Creek at Steep Ravine

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photo by Donald Kinney

I was in Safeway on Suday and overheard a fellow asking one of the clerks -- not where the tofu was, but where Webb Creek was...   I was almost out of ear-shot but I have big ears, so I listened in, but the clerk hadn't heard of Webb Falls (((not too many people have))).   Anyway, I was standing there in line two checker-stands away trying to get his attention -- he just wouldn't look in my direction -- I could have easily told him it's about two miles south of Stinson Beach right off of Highway One.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Well apparently -- according to this fellow two checkout stands over -- the Webb Creek and Steep Ravine area got a write-up in the newspaper over the weekend, but I don't know which newspaper -- I guess I should go check them online...

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photo by Donald Kinney

Each Spring a large mass of local loonies have a friendly foot-race starting in Mill Valley on the east side of Mt. Tamalpais -- they huff and puff their way over to Stinson Beach on the west side of Mt. Tam.   Along the way the the Dipsea Race passes through this beautiful area.

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Tomate Farcie said...

That's what I said when I first loaded the banner! Don't know what else to say , really. Just WOW.

AphotoAday said...

I've got some more today...
Yeah, I said wow a couple times while I was shooting them... Only about three groups of people out there -- all women, interestingly enough...

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