December 14, 2009

cropping the heck out of it

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Some day (((if I ever get rich))) I'm going to buy one of those super-long lenses so I can properly zero in on birds.   I have 200mm on my "L" zoom, but as you might know, the Canon5D has a full frame sensor (about the same size as a 35mm frame) so there is no built-in "crop factor", so my 200mm lens is not quite as long as it would be if I used it on a Canon Rebel or something like that.

So, without a really long lens I ended up severely cropping this photo...

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

This is the same photo, cropped less severely.   I first thought those were Sandpipers, but I think that's wrong because I think their beaks are too short.   Anybody know? UPDATE:   PhotowannabeSue says they're Kildeer and she's right.
Thanks Sue!

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photowannabe said...

Nope....maybe Kildeers.....
good cropping job. My little camera doesn't zoom much at all. Cropping is the only way to get closer but not close enough.

AphotoAday said...

THANKS PHOTOWANNABE -- Yes, now that you mention it, I DO think they are Kildeers (I need to go find out why they got that name -- and by the way, if you read this, I'm still trying to figure out how Rodeo Beach got it's name)

Ingrid said...

Been browsing your blog tonight -- really enjoying your various posts and images. btw: Those guys are actually Willets, very common shorebirds around the Bay Area. Killdeer are smaller, short-billed and have black rings around the neck and eyes.

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