August 24, 2008

bridge supports

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

This is one of the supports for the northern viaduct on the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, they ARE massive, and they've been retrofitted to make them more earthquake resistant.   You can read more about the bridge retrofit at:

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Tomate Farcie said...

Well, they better be massive, we're counting on that bridge !! Again, regarding the banner picture: wowowowow!!!

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photo and thanks for the link.

Getting ready for the big one?


photowannabe said...

Love the angles and subtle textures. I love this bridge from any angle.

MELI. said...

ilove bridges.
ilove the GG most.
I have a similar photo, but not as nice and bold as yours, good capture :)

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