August 25, 2008

into the fog

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

The weight is enormous...   The entire roadway hangs precariously by sets of thin suspender cables.

And we all go driving blindly into that white stuff, relying on a mere hope and a thin prayer for our safe arrival on the other side...

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kjpweb said...

Your Golden Gate shots are out of this world! Kudos!
Cheers, Klaus

photowannabe said...

Outstanding. Very poetical. I love the bits of whitecaps showing through.

Louise said...

Love the photo. I've only been on the Golden Gate once. It was so foggy I couldn't see it. If I could have, it probably would have scared me to death. As it was, I was only uneasy.

Ivar Østtun said...

I'm speechless. WOW WOW ;-D

Tomate Farcie said...

Great comment, Don, to go with that beautiful shot!

Texas Travelers said...

Now that's a scary thought.

I've tent-camped with wolves, grizzlies, and brown bears. No problem.

I'm a pilot and not afraid of height, but this gives me pause for reflection. Into the unknown.

Great photo.
Good stuff.


Flying Solo said...

Wonderful catch!

Katney said...

Are you into history? I posted some pictures take near this spot on my last "Bridges between..." post the first Monday of August on Katney's Kaboodle. I did not take them. They were taken some 75 years ago by my in-laws.

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