January 05, 2008

Legion of Honor, San Francisco

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

The Legion of Honor is a three-quarter-scale adaptation of the 18th-century Palais de la L├ęgion d’Honneur in Paris.

Constructed on a remote site known as Land's End, the Legion of Honor was completed in 1924, and on Armistice Day of that year, its doors opened to the public.
The museum is dedicated to the 3,600 California men who lost their lives on the battlefields of France during WW1.

The Legion of Honor was a gift to the City of San Francisco by Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, wife of sugar magnate Adolph Spreckels.   The Legion’s famous collection of Rodin sculptures--including the Thinker--was also donated by Mrs. Spreckels.

Lens Update:
My 70-200 f-4 "L" I.S. zoom lens will be arriving on Monday... It will be replacing the 70-300 f-4.5-5.6 I.S. D/O zoom that went swimming in San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve...   It's supposed to be a really good lens, so I hope to have some new shots with it for you on Tuesday...

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photowannabe said...

Terrific pictures. The first one was at its best when enlarged. I liked the light glistening on the figure.
Can't wait to see your shots with your new lens.
That was some rain storm wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

i dunno if you have a day job or not.

but if you do, you should quit it and just walk around The City and take pictures all of the time because you have some serious skills.

Anonymous said...

don, will you email me? i cant find it on your blog.

completely random question.


thanks :)

sattvicwarrior said...

go BEHIND the LEGION and see that fantastic marble sculpture. bet it will REALLY give rise to your creative juices.

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