May 27, 2009


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photo by Donald Kinney

Window shade fabric, Fillmore Street.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Ceiling or roof, depending on how you look at it...   Found at the end of Talbert Lane, middle of nowhere, Montezuma Hills, California.

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photo by Donald Kinney

About thirty years ago I met the old lady who lived in this ranch-house -- those were the days when I was using my large 4x5 view camera and she wanted to know why I was photographing "just" a field of wheat.   I tried my best to explain that I was photographing patterns in the wheat field, but she looked at me like I was some sort of a nut...

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photo by Donald Kinney

Although Shaklee Products moved their headquarters to Pleasanton years ago, this is the very curvy Shaklee Building (sometimes erroneously called Bank-of-the-West Building), Market Street, San Francisco.

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Si's blog said...

What an eye you have. neat.

photowannabe said...

Love the patterns Don. I guess some people just don't understand....
Yes it was my first time to Bodie and I just loved it. The weather was perfect and not too many people. We got there about 10:30 and got some good pictures but the glaring mid-day sun made it hard to take really good shots for me. I just don't know my way around my camera too well.
Even if some of the artifacts were salted it did add flavor to the historic buildings.
There were 10 of us on the trip and everybody had a camera of some sort. We were a crazy bunch...dueling cameras. For me it was a really special fun day.

Anonymous said...

I like these pattrens very much - a very sharp eye

Brad said...

You've got a great eye for patterns and geometry. Nice...

Wonder Turquette said...

All of these photos are very nice but my favourite is the third one! It's so beautiful!

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