August 13, 2014

stand-up paddle-boarder at China Camp

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photo by Donald Kinney

Oh, the things I sometimes see while out there driving WAY too many miles and burning up WAY too much gasoline. The other morning I spotted a man watering a group of sunflowers towering over his head by more than a foot. I suppose I could have slammed on the brakes and approached the fence-line surreptitiously, like a hunter stalking game with a rifle; but he definitely would have seen me coming and the image would have ended up looking contrived. Or, he might have yelled a few nasty words in my direction to ward me off. Yes, it has happened before.

One morning I was in the Redwood studded area of deepest Lucas Valley when I decided on a nice shot of a beautiful home amongst towering Redwoods. I was hand-holding my monstrously frightening 70-200 zoom when the resident came out, approached me, and started accusing me of trying to shoot into her windows. Oh she was mad, and nothing I could say was able to assure her that I was NOT shooting into her windows. I wanted to photograph the general scene; which I believe I had every right in the world to do. With cellphone in hand she began screaming, yes screaming at me that she was calling the sheriff--fair enough warning for me to get back in my car and leave. I'm sure she got my license plate, but since she had forgotten to place me under citizen's arrest and wasn't packing heat, I thought the best thing for me to do would be to just get out of there. I never heard anything of it from the sheriff, and I hope I didn't spoil her day; but it did leave me a bit shaken and concerned.

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photo by Donald Kinney

On Monday I spotted this stand-up paddle-boarder paddling away from the shore at China Camp, and I figured that if I waited long enough she would return, passing through glistening waters. If I was lucky, I thought, she wouldn't see me trying to snap her. Fortunately, I heard no hostile words of complaint. She seemed to be ignoring me completely. Either she didn't see me, or just didn't care.

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Unknown said...

Welp, I will just have to come over here to see your photos. Paddle boarding looks like fun but I am old and fat so better not. lol

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Remind me never to go picture taking with you.

AphotoAday said...

JOHN (SINBAD's DAD) -- oh just think what trouble we could get into. --but seriously, I've been on tons of outings with other photographers and usually end up regretting it. I am a lone wolf, and so are you. You go pee on your territory and I'll go pee on mine. But seriously, I gotta meet you sometime in person… I think they call it "eyeball to eyeball", but truthfully I would drive MILES just to see your great cat. I generally like cats a whole lot better than people, but from what I know of you, John, you are a great guy. Always wonder how your better-half feels about you taking off for extended periods of time with Sinbad. And, I shouldn't say a word more.

AphotoAday said...

Hi Bonnye -- Oh, I'm old too but you would never get ME on a paddle board, surfboard, and I don't particularly care for boats. I know how to swim, but don't like that either. I am just one old stick in the mud. (I like sticks in the mud)

Civic Center said...

Dear Donald: I don't believe in organized photo hunts either, it's a solitary act, but do let me take you through town one day and I'll give you a few tips on how to point a big old lens at a human stranger and have them feel flattered/interested rather than outraged/invaded. It's a tricky proposition but I'm pretty expert at it. Mostly, you need to give out very good, positive vibes rather than shy, scared ones, rather like the way one should treat a strange dog with open affection rather than fear, something I can never seem to do either. I'm a cat dude too.

AphotoAday said...

Mike -- I'd love to do that sometime. I am aware that I don't shoot people. Something I've always wanted to do. Preferably nude. White background. ISO-100, relaxed mood--I know the theory, man, but shooting people is tough. They are dangerous--haven't you noticed? Anyway, hey Mike -- did you ever see Julie's wedding photos? I can send them to you if you want. And yeah, seriously I'd love to explore people photography with you--any tips on rounding up subjects? Let me know if you know any beautiful women who like to take their clothes off.

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