July 31, 2014

drama in the sky -- or perhaps it may have been chaos

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photo by Donald Kinney

Yesterday the sky returned to to its normal plain-vanilla blue, but recently Mother Nature has been treating us to mind-blowing shows of dramatic tropical clouds. That little tiny mountain in the foreground is our beloved Mount Tamalpais. The little strip of water on the horizon is part of San Francisco Bay.

photo by Donald Kinney

Shooting "wide" is relatively new to me, and I like it. My new 24-70 Tamron has been working out well, and my old heavy beast--the 70-200 Canon f-2.8 II I.S. "L"--has probably been feeling a bit neglected. But there are instances when even 24mm on a full-frame sensor isn't quite wide enough. Occasionally I will turn the camera vertical and make a multiple image panorama to be able to capture it all. These (above) are the four images I started with. Since I wasn't using a polarizer, I darkened what was originally blue (except Lake Lagunitas in the foreground) during post-processing.

Donald Kinney Quarterly - volume 2014 issue 2       
Donald Kinney Quarterly - volume 2014 issue 1       

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