March 28, 2014

electromotive forces in Marin County

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photo by Donald Kinney

There it is, just about enough force & power for all our Marin County gizmos.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Here in Marin we have our own Marin Energy Authority, who have a mission of bringing renewable power sources to Marin residents who opt into their [rather expensive] system.

M.E.A. also operates a municipal solar farm just north of San Rafael--with an output that is probably a drop in the bucket when compared to Marin's total energy needs, but this is a pilot project--the first of many more installations that will be needed in order to wean ourselves away from electricity sourced from coal, natural gas and oil. [Which as we all know isn't going to happen until we either exhaust our natural resources, or their price rises so high it then becomes economically favorable to switch over to renewable sources.]

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