November 14, 2013

view from Pine Hill on Mt. Tamalpais

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photo by Donald Kinney

My beloved Mount Tamalpais has broad shoulders, along with a plethora of views that stir my soul warm-the-cockles of my deep-and-dark heart. Having "Mt. Tam" close--almost right out my back door--is a true gift.

37 miles away is the double-peaked Mount Diablo, or "Devil's Mountain" (as she is sometimes called). There are sacred Native Indian legends about both mountains that are probably a "stretch" to most any rational thinking person, but regardless they tend to hold the imagination, and are all available here.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Swinging the camera slightly south brings in focus the peak of Mount Tamalpais. Many know her as the "Sleeping Lady" or "Sleeping Indian Princess", since her outline from one angle or another can be visualized.

"Photographing Marin County"


John W. Wall said...

I love that cloudscape! I'm doing a one-year blog on Mt. Tam if you care to check it out. I'll have to thank my wife for sending me your link. All the best. --John

Zoomie said...

We love Mt. Tam, too. She is visible from our house across the bay - in your photo, we live about halfway between the base of the bridge and the highest point to the right. I feel that she is spiritual, although I don't know why.

AphotoAday said...

Hi All -- Everybody should check out John Wall's blog, "Circumannuation of Mt. Tam". A link is now on my sidebar.

And Hi ZOOMIE -- Oh, how I envy your location with that splendid view of Mt. Tam. I think I've taken that road up in Point Richmond about once or twice--very nice and peaceful place as I remember.

Zoomie said...

We have always felt so lucky to be here. What did we do to deserve such beauty?

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