February 02, 2011

good morning, sunshine...

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photo by Donald Kinney

Just wanted to thank all of you who are using the voting/poll thing that I have going on my daily banner shots.   When I post a good shot I really appreciate the praise, but there is a much more important function of the voting/poll -- it lets me compare my evaluation of the photo with yours, which is more detached and less effected by the memory of "being there" or any other attachments I might have with the subject.   Really, folks, I appreciate your input.   It helps me select photos for other projects.

Now, about the photograph (above)...   Well, I wish it had been just a bit more dramatic, but for a Monday it had to do.   That's all there was and that's all I got.   A hint of streaming sunlight, but certainly nothing earth-shattering -- but still something to write-home-about.   This is the China Camp area, near San Rafael -- not far distant, but a million miles away when it comes to tranquility.   See you there...

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photo by Donald Kinney

Ah yes, streaming sunlight...   I snapped this yesterday in the tiny burg of Lagunitas on my way out to the creek.   I lived in Lagunitas, oh so many years ago.

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photo by Donald Kinney

A bit of morning sunlight action in the little town of Nicasio.   I think most residents now have flush-toilets and electricity, but as of today "progress" really hasn't arrived in Nicasio.   You've got to love a town that has a baseball field right smack in the center of town.   Drive through Nicasio and you're going to have to drive around the baseball field.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

We had a storm moving out of the area on Sunday morning and Mother Nature was putting on quite a show.   This is looking across the bay towards Fort Baker and Travis Marina.   Access to Fort Point was closed due to sneaky waves along the breakwater.

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Janie said...

LOVE the rainbow!! What a great find. I never find them and when I do I am without camera. Enjoyed checking in, will be back.

photowannabe said...

Love the drama and the colors captured in the rainbow.
The waves must have been something to close the Ft. Point area.
Terrific sunrays too.
I'm so happy to see the sun after so many gloomy days. Glad I don't live in Chicago right now. I'll take our frosty mornings anytime.

Scott Law said...

These are beautiful, and I promise I did not see your post before I titled mine today. But mine says "Good Morning World", not sunshine.

All four of these rate a Wow from me.

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