February 16, 2010

scrounging for photos in Northbeach

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

This is Romolo Street, just down from the corners of Broadway and Columbus.   Now, San Francisco has a lot of very steep streets, and indeed this one is pretty darned steep -- but I think Romolo takes the prize for the most slanted of them all.

Only problem is that, although I really, really, really like the image this probably isn't a very good or interesting photo.   So how do I know that?   Well, because my buddy back in Ohio, Jan Bell panned it after I asked him for his opinion -- saying it was probably his least favorite of all my stuff.   O.k., one strike, but then I submitted it to the Caliber Flickr pool and it was rejected over there too.   But heck, I still like it.   I could look at all the subtle patterns in the asphalt for hours -- the staircase sidewalks are the icing-on-the-cake for me.   Looks like I'll have to put this in my private stash of photos that only I can appreciate.   Tell me that you like it too and I'll send you a dollar.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Well folks, I'm afraid my drinking days are far behind me -- at this point it's only a bad memory -- oh, what a pain-in-the-ass alcohol could turn me into.   Cheers...

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Oh, call me weird, but probably my most favorite thing to do in Northbeach is pass by all the little restaurants very early in the morning and drink-in their lonely table settings.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

And sorry folks, I've gotta keep this blog on a "G Rating", so I'm not going to go into any great detail about the strip clubs in San Francisco, but I can probably give some of you younger guys some good advice about these places -- either leave your wallet home or STAY OUT of these places.

These signs advertise The Hungry I which dates back to the Beat-Generation.   I don't know exacactly when The Hungry I decided to try the topless route, but way back in the '60's Les Crane and Ira Blue used to broadcast their shows from this location.   It used to be a very hip bistro.

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Brad said...

Hey Don, I like it! If I say it 100 times will you send me a Benji?

Don't think I've been there, but now I'm curious - looks like a pretty wild street!

AphotoAday said...

HI BRAD -- I'll give you a buck (one) the next time I catch up with you!

sfmike said...

You owe me a dollar. It's a great photo, and you should stop relying on your Ohio guru and things like the Caliber Flickr pool for affirmation. They are a bunch of egomaniacs (and so am I), and you are not. Instead, I'd call you a completely realized artist. Your photos give me more sheer pleasure than any other site on the internet. Okay? Continue, please.

AphotoAday said...

I'm not certain I am deserving of such praise, but I really appreciate it...

And as for your blog, Mike, I derive untold pleasure hearing about all those performances in the Civic Center area without actually having to get dressed up (((the suit I graduated from highschool in is looking a bit outdated these days)))...

Or without having to sit/fidget through the more difficult symphony or opera passages... I have some brutal childhood memories of having to sit through countless performances of the Monterey County Symphony -- in which my brother, four years my senior, was a musician at an early age... (((fortunately, he was a jazz musician at heart, so at least I got to enjoy that part of his career -- unfortunately he passed away back in the mid 70's)))

But thanks again, Mike... It's only ten minutes to five in the AM and you've already "made my day"... I think I'll go shoot some photos today in your honor...

Rhett Redelings said...

Lately I've been doing some work that really excites me with some old Polaroid Time Zero film. The Caliber folks have no interest in accepting the work into their pool. Does this mean my work is no good? Or does it mean that it's not photography? Or does it say more about the aesthetics of the Caliber folks and what they want to see in their pool? Maybe the answer is a combination of all three but I prefer to believe I live in a world where no one group, no matter how talented they may be as artists, are the final word in quality.

Rhett Redelings said...

...and I'll second what sfmike said.

Also, I think it's interesting that in addition to the FREE SNACK enticement, they make a distinction between cocktails and mixed drinks. I mean, *I* make such a distinction because I'm a cocktail geek but folks who offer free snacks and $6 cocktails generally don't.

Anyway, cool batch of photos. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy from Ohio. And I totally agree with you .... that Don should follow his heart. But, when he asks for my opinion, I give it (and he did ask).

Having said that, Don shoots me under the table .... all those photos that he collects on a daily basis. Ohhhhh, if I only lived in California! But, I will be visiting soon :)

-- Jan Bell, the Bell Images guy

Rhett Redelings said...

Every artist looks to a trusted few for feedback. And those few become trusted by being honest. It's valuable, precious even.

Anonymous said...

I loved the street photo right away. It captures the essence of what living in San Francisco is like - people and vehicles having to share steep spaces. No wasted space.....
Thank you for this photo. I don't live in SF but my daughters and son did. I miss the excitement of driving into the city when I came to visit. Your blog is a blessing to me.

Brad said...

OK, Don... Looking forward to collecting my dollar! So when are we going to shoot, anyway???

I also share many of the sentiments expressed above.

julie said...

Wow, I'm already an egomaniac and haven't even had my cup of coffee today.

I'll have to take that under advisement.

Rhett Redelings said...

Aren't we all? Egomaniacs (to a point), I mean.

We sell our work, we put our work out like fishermen casting our nets as far as they'll go, we make groups and then decide who and what gets in and what stays out. We make names for ourselves with every talent and trick at our disposal and, honestly, isn't that what being an artist is about?

troy said...

hmmm. kind of bummed to hear you say this, Don. ive been a fan of your photos long before the rest of the folks on this thread. i think we exchanged our first emails back in 2005 when i was shooting on auto mode with a point and shoot. i have loyally read your blog first thing each and every morning since.

furthermore, we featured an interview with you a week or so back. weve gone on group photowalks and ive shot with you 1 on 1. in fact, ive emailed you several times asking when i could come up early some weekend morning and shoot around Marin County with you. (still waiting to hear back ;))

keep in mind that there are four of us moderating that group, and the decision of one does not always reflect on the other 3 members. to be honest, i think part of the problem is with the small size Flickr displays when a moderator is deciding on 'approve' 'deny' or 'leave'. its so bad that when viewing the pool, i often use the slideshow feature and find that my engagement with the photos is much more substantial. it is entirely possible that many photos are being 'denied' unfairly.

i encourage you (or anyone) to not take too personally what does or does not make it into the pool. it is not perfect, nor are any of the four of us. id also encourage you to offer suggestions on how we could make it better and provide more value. weve struggled with the point of the group since when Brad was a Caliber member and i dont know that we've yet positioned it in the right way. again, i am very open to suggestions. i just dont want it to be another dumping pool like so many others. i had once imagined it as a place for photographers to talk about photography in a way that was both brutally honest and helpful.

i sincerely hope i dont come of as egotistical. i spend a lot of time looking at the work of other photographers and enjoy encouraging a good eye on a new shooter. i am active on Flickr, i subscribe to dozens of photoblogs, i try and expose new photographers via Twitter, and try to answer every email i receive asking about things like lens comparisons, camera functions, post-processing software, where i took a shot or how i made it look the way i did. ego is a nasty character trait and is one i try and avoid as much as possible. and i apologize if i am coming across differently.

thanks for bringing this up, it is certainly food for thought.

Rhett Redelings said...

Okay, this isn't my blog or thread so forgive me if this comes across as hijacking but I've given this a fair amount of thought.

To have a group on flickr, you pretty much need to moderate it if you don't want it to become a dumping ground. You must make your best judgment call and then live by that. The point I was trying to make is that if my work is denied by the moderators in the Caliber group, or any other group for that matter, it's simply a subjective thing.

I personally do think y'all are on a slippery slope with Caliber (being both a self promotion unit AND putting yourselves in a position to curate/judge the works of others) but that is, perhaps, conversation that is either best not had or had in private over coffee or drinks.

I'd also like to point out that it wasn't Donald who used the ego word. Nor was it me, for that matter. I think and fear that the initial point of this discussion has been lost and misinterpreted as a Caliber bash when really it was the rest of us saying what you (Troy) just said; not to take inclusion in or rejection from that pool too seriously.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Nick said...

I get out of breath just thinking about walking up this street.

Nick said...

I said that twice.

Anonymous said...


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